EAS system oss prevention

The time cards are transmitted wirelessly in real-time to a website, specific to the business enterprise, where the time cards can be processed and approved. At the end of each payroll period, the timecards are seamlessly integrated into the payroll system. Mobile TimeTracs eliminates paper, improves timekeeping accuracy and enables real-time job cost analysis.Dynamic GPS tracking software is one of several applications in the Integrated Mobile Solutions Suite offered by Netfuzion in Denver, Colorado.Vehicles can be rerouted in response to traffic jams or emergency situations and the system will maintain communication even in the event of major power outages.Other school districts have seen measurable improvements in timeliness and productivity, as well as savings in fuel costs and overtime. Dynamic GPS provides a high Return on Investment through real-time accurate, real-time reporting of uniformed Security Officer's locations in-the-field.DataTracs real-time wireless data collection software can be integrated with Dynamic GPS and Mobile TimeTracs, and connects field operations to the web and then to your enterprise. In-field data collection on your Blackberry or cell phone is sent in real-time directly to your enterprise via the web. The NetFuzion DataTracs framework configures your mobile device to make in-field data entry simple. The data travels to the web where it is processed and can be viewed worldwide with total security. DataTracs Return on Investment includes the elimination of laptops in the field, the elimination of paper-based hand-written information, and the elimination of transcription costs. Data accuracy is greatly improved and the in-field data is received in your office in real-time.With Global Guard™ and Fleet Guard™, FCPS transportation managers will know where every fleet vehicle is at all times.FCPS can view vehicle locations in real-time on a map that includes all FCPS schools and facilities. EAS system oss prevention retail security Denver,CO-- Located in Denver, Colorado, Netfuzion offers Dynamic GPS cell phone tracking software which allows businesses to track the location of their employees with their permission using a Blackberry or cell phone. This data is transmitted to a website where locations are presented on a zoomable map. Position history can be determined based on a web Portal adjustable location update rate.Mobile TimeTracs time clock and payroll management systems integrate with Dynamic GPS cell phone tracking software and enable the user to record time cards in the field via cell phone or Blackberry.